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Hi there, welcome to Techestigate

We are group of tech guys, geeks, project managers and IT pros with a wish share thought or two  about technology and whatever else comes around our minds. Therefore, our goal is to be less wrong, and as a result learn something, share experience and most of all, have some fun. Our crew is located all around the world, like North America, Europe and Asia, so there is a difference in a way of writing and the way of thinking. As a result if something appears strange or unclear, that could be the reason 🙂 .

Something for brain tickling

First of all think about how it would be to grow up without Internet, and therefore without all the available knowledge it offers? To write your homework or do a research  about unknown topic with  books that your parents own as the only source of information. Do you come to a conclusion that this is a great and exciting  time to live and to be on this world? We do ! This is a time of a free or cheap knowledge, so use it well.
Among us  Wikipedia is considered as one of the greatest digital and intellectual treasures of a mankind, and as a result we kindly ask everyone to support it.

You are most welcome here as a reader, visitor or a contributor.


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    August 8th, 2016 by Chief