250W RF Dummy Load

by E70BS
250W RF dummy load

Since I got into the HAM radio hobby, I got a need for an artificial load, also called a Dummy Load. It is basically a high-power resistor that should have the same impedance (50 Ohm) in a wide frequency range. My current rig has a power output of 100W so I targeted something like that. I purchased one RFP250N50 on eBay for around 6 Euros with shipping, but they are available at many online stores also.This is a core component of my 250W RF Dummy Load.250W Dummy Load

Technical data:

Resistance Value: 50 ohms, -+5%
Frequency Range: DC – 2.0 GHz
Power: 250W
Capacitance: 3.3 pF

250W Dummy Load RF Characteristic

We can see on this graf that Impedance is almost flat on HF, VHF, and UHF frequencies, so this is a perfect candidate for a dummy load.

Making the Dummy Load

Making it was an easy one-afternoon job. As this little thing mostly converts RF power to heat, what is needed is a good old heatsink. I used two AMD CPU heatsinks and they are doing an excellent job. The rest of the parts are one female PL259 connector, 4 distancers for the computer mainboard, and some thermal paste. Most of the job was drilling and milling, and here is how it was done.

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Thank you for reading and if you have any questions regarding this DIY, please leave a comment.



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