Sonoff mini r2
February 23rd, 2022 by Dr_Kosh

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Using windows 10 & Windows 11 (tested on Windows 11):

  • Click on start and type Windows features click on “Turn windows features on or off”
  • Make sure that both Hyper-V and Windows subsystem for linux are installed
Windows features needed for flashing Sonoff mini R2 with Tasmota firmware
Windows features
  • Click on start and open “Windows Store” and search for wsl ubunty

Current version Ubuntu 20.04 would take few minutes to install

  • Once installed, click on start and type cmd to open command prompt
  • Once in command prompt type: bash to start WSL
  • System is ready, now Sonoff mini R2 needs to prepared
  • Turn off mobile data on your cell phone!!! (you might get an error if it is on and WiFi is on)
  • Put sonoff mini R2 into pairing mode (hold reset button for 5+ seconds) blue light should blink 3 times than pause, 3 times pause…..
  • Open eWeLink app on you phone and do Pairing. Once device is paired, try to switch it on and off. Device should click. Make sure that this works, then proceed
  • Delete device in eWeLink app, that will warn you that it will do factory reset (we need this)
  • Once device is deleted from eWeLink app, put it in ioT mode – press reset button for 5+ seconds, this time we need continues blink. If you get into pairing mode, just press reset for another 5 second for ioT.
  • Now there will be new WiFi SSID available Something like ITEPxxxxxx and some numbers
  • Connect to it, default password is 12345678
  • You should get as IP address, device is on IP
  • Use web browser to connect to and use prompt to change Wifi settings (use your regular home WiFi SSID and password)
  • Once changed there will be prompt that SSID configured successfully.
  • Find out wat is IP address of sonoff miniR2 on your LAN ( I used tool called AdvancedIPScanner, it is free)
IP Scanner for finding IP of  Sonoff mini R2
IP Scanner
  • Now back to WSL (see step 5.)
  • Thanks to Nicholas J Humfrey, we have script that would do this for us
  • Get script by typing:

curl -O

  • Change mod on this script by typing:

chmod a+rx

  • Now we can use script to flash Tasmota, type:

./ –i ipaddresOfDevice        (ipaddressOfDevice is addres we got in previos picture.)

  • Script will run and you should get screen like on picture below, type Y to proceed once asked to “Proceed with flashing”:
IP Scanner
  • Now wait for couple of minutes, then check for new SSID TasmotaXXXXX
  • Flashing is completed.


  • Sonoff Mini R2 – firmware 3.6.0
  • Wifi needs to support 2.4Ghz connections
  • Wsl version 2. (it should work on version 1, did not test)


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