Visionaries of the future – BMW i and TED project

Visionaries BMWi TED project

How will your vision shape the way we move in the future?

Next visionaries is joint venture of  BMW i and TED as a global discovery project that seeks and engages innovators, change-makers and other unique visionaries due to Earth`s needs I supose. The goal? Preparing for the future by creating it, due to visions about what lies ahead in thirty, to two hundred years.

Visionaries of tommorow

Today VS Tomorrow

How to get involved?

If you belong to the visionaries, than visit . Great intro video await`s  at landing page and watch it carefully because  it can shade some light on the project topic. Two brands. One pioneering spirit. That is so to say motto of this great endeavor to seek for the Holly Grail of mobility. Idea can be submitted by following a link , and it`s best to browse thru the whole site`s content first. There is no special requirements for participation. Anyone older than 18 can enter. The deadline for submissions is on July 17. 2017. Submission takes three steps. Step one is strongly presenting your idea in 140 characters and possible add on of short video. Second step consists of adding more details, blueprints, images or scribbles to it. Final step is basically filling up contact details, and chosen entries will be published on site.

Why participate ?

You get a chance to influence history, and network with like-minded people. The best ones will get the opportunity to work with the mentors,  BMW i and TED experts who will help further more evolve the ideas and with some luck turn them into reality do to the project goal and power of it`s owners. The selected one will give a TED Talk on their vision for the future of mobility live. So if you find yourself in any of this, take a shot it may change your life or the life’s of those around you.

Message in a bottle

This is a general guide for those who consider submitting: “All we ask is that you dream big, push the boundaries and explore the possibilities of mobility and what exciting changes civilisation may face as we race ever faster towards the future.” So, if you have some great idea, join up The Next Visionaries and be a part of the great story.

I hope you like the idea, and kindly ask you to spread the word. There are undiscovered visionaries among us, and now we need them more then ever.


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