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Smartphone update, what is this all about? You don`t want to waste your money on a new smartphone ? And

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by Dr_Kosh

After reading an article from Editor, here at techestigate, about programming for kids and inspiring comment from our reader Ann,

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Nokia batteries
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Electric age is driven by batteries Most things around us are now powered by batteries. Many devices are powered by

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Start Menu
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Start or not to start … Menu Microsoft introduced Start Menu with the Windows 95 , and NT systems. To

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Visionaries BMWi TED project
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How will your vision shape the way we move in the future? Next visionaries is joint venture of  BMW i

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# @ Seven Heaven
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MSNetwork 7.0   I got myself at the biggest ICT conference in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 19. to 21. of

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by Tech_Writer

What is e-book or e-reader? Well, if you’we been living under the rock for last 20 years or your just

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by Editor

So, as your toddlers are becoming schoolers, and if they are interested in computers, coding, programming etc, there are some

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Last night my friends and me were in a debate about products, and brands, and and question emerged. Are brands

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